We move in 2 weeks…if all goes well.

My mom is trying to line u some movers so we can be on our way in two weeks. First, she says, she wants to get some rooms painted. Then she wants to get the rugs treated. Not for me, of course. I have perfect manners. But Ophelia likes to toss up a hairball now and then.

I’m feeling better and totally tired of this bland diet. The vet suggested adding some vegetable broth to my food. Like that really makes a difference.

The canned food is delicious but my mom refuses to allow a diet of 100% canned food. Lots of hassle, she says. Environmentally unfriendly. And not as good for my teeth.

Luckily I can still go for walks. I sleep a lot. My mom thinks I’m recovering. I think so too…but who knows? I just hope we’re done with needles for a long, long time. And I can’t wait to go back to the park with my Aunt Sara. It[‘s been way too long. I miss my buddies.

3 thoughts on “We move in 2 weeks…if all goes well.”

  1. Gracie, now I know how you feel about not being able to go to the park and meet your buddies with your Aunt Sara…my vet tells me that I have an inflamed disc in my back…somehow I injured it, and must have “complete rest” for two weeks, go back to see him, and then he’ll evaluate. Complete Rest? So now my mom is treating me like a hot house flower. And my sister Mango gets to go to the dog park with dad every day! I sit there, watching them go, giving off my best stoic look through my expresssive Cavalier King Charles Spaniel eyes (they are BIG)…and I do get praise for being so stoic and understanding. HAH!

  2. Thanks for the wishes, Lisa. And we love King Charles Spaniels. Sounds like your mom is a lot like mine. No sympathy.

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