Miss Cranky Pants Is Gone

Feeling so sad! I didn’t expect to. I found a really good home for Miss CrankyPants. She is on a 2-week trial but I suspect she’s gone. Her new dad is a classically trained musician who teaches at a middle school and performs locally.
He understands cats. He had no trouble picking her up and putting her into her new carrier. She will have a whole floor set aside (he’s in a trinity) so she can enjoy her solitude without being stuck in a bathroom.
Logically I am so happy for her. She might eventually tolerate the other animals but it would take months, and now she has the potential for wonderful home that suits her cranky self. She’ll have a lap to sit on without worrying about another cat. Maybe she’ll calm down listening to Mozart. 😉
The condo seems so empty. Eventually I’ll get a cat who’s more accustomed to other animals and doesn’t freak them out with growling. But I have to wait till he officially agrees to keep her. Fingers and paws crossed!

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