Finally…some good news for all of us

Friday Mom’s purchase was scheduled to close. At the last minute, she got an urgent message.

“The sellers are out of town! We have to wait till Monday.”

So today Mom was relieved to get a message saying that all is well and she is now the proud owner of a condo in Belltown, a dream she had cherished since moving to Seattle.

“I’m still nervous about the whole condo idea,” she says. “But our ceiling is leaking and we will have to move sooner or later. At least we got a good interest rate and we are in a nice place.”

Even better: that nice Dr. Clare said my pancreatitis is better. However, she wants me to eat the bland diet for another two weeks. Yuk. Bland is not beautiful. I never thought I’d miss my ordinary food but this stuff is tasteless.

Worst of all, I can’t go to the park with my Aunt Sara. Too many tempting things for me to eat, mostly unmentionable in a blog censored by the mom. So I”m totally bored and forced to eat tasteless food. What a life.

“It’s your own fault, Gracie,” the mom says unsympathetically. “You get your pointy little nose into everything.”

Uh oh. Time for another pain pill. I need a nap.

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