Animal Cruelty: Not Just About Animals

My mom has begun to enjoy the New York TImes, especially on Sundays, especially in hard copy. But yesterday’s Magazine left both of us feeling sad. My mom read me an article about how animal cruelty is related to human cruelty. You can read it online here.

We were all feeling sad. Apparently kids who feel angry want to take things out on animals. Cats really suffer because they tend to be less obedient.

“Okay,” my mom says, “you guys can be exasperating. It is easy to forget that you don’t think logically. Especially when you – Gracie – eat all kinds of things after I spend a fortune on vet bills and special food.”

Me? I’m the one who should complain about bland tasteless food, not to mention sharing a household with two selfish, self-centered cats.

But I’m glad to hear that law enforcement people are cracking down on animal abuse because, my mom says, people who are mean to animals are just as mean to people. I could have told them that, if I could talk.

The article also said that kids can turn around fast if they learn to care for an animal in a positive way. Yes! Every family should adopt a pet from a shelter. The whole world would be a better place.

Of course, the world would also be better if we all took more naps. I’m off to set a good example.

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