Not a great day for a Dog: To the vet for a dental service

Today was not a great day for my life as a dog. First of all, my mom hid the cat food last night and didn’t give me any breakfast. She put me in my crate first thing this morning, right after our walk.

“Gracie, you can’t eat anything today. Not even a crumb,” she said sternly. So there I was in my crate, without even a full dish of water. And definitely no peanut buttter.

Things only got worse. When Mom finally took me out from my crate, we hustled over to the bus stop. I couldn’t even stop to sniff. “Is that food you’re eating?” Mom said suspiciously. Guilty with an explanation. I’m starved.

Then we go to the vet’s office. I’ve been there many times and they’re always so nice! Not today.

“Can we get a weight on Gracie?” the receptionist asked.

“Oh no,” my mom said. “Gracie’s gained a few pounds, hasn’t she? Let’s try again…nope, same result.”

So that nice tech Rick grabs my leash. Usually I’m ready to go anywhere with anyone, but not today. Something doesn’t feel right. My mom says, “I’ll go with you.” She watches as Rick shows me a nice big cage. Uh-uh. Cage? Am I back in the pound?

Then they stick some needles in me. Ouch. And then I go into a nice big nap.

Things get better after I wake up. My Aunt Sara comes to take me home. I love Aunt Sara. I try not to listen when she tells my mom, “See this diagram? This is where Gracie’s teeth need to be brushed.”

“By me?” my mom says, eyeing my new shiny teeth.

“It’s not so bad,” Aunt Sara says. “Just some gauze and doggie toothpaste — “

I had to take immediate action to stall this conversation. Sure enough, I soon heard a shout: “Gracie, out of the cat food!” my mom yelled.

Now I’m bak on the couch, looking tired. Ophelia is sleeping on the back of the couch so I won’t feel lonely and of course mom is there with her laptop. It’s good to be home. And my mom is delighted. Apparently my blood work was “amazingly good.”

“All that healthy dog food,” she says.

Maybe. But being a mixed breed dog, with royal lineage, doesn’t hurt either.

2 thoughts on “Not a great day for a Dog: To the vet for a dental service”

  1. Yes, I know how you feel. I went to my favorite vet last week and while I was asleep they removed 7 teeth. 7 teeeeth! And now I get Pill Pockets 3 times a day…my mom says it’s antibiotics, but hey, I know what chicken tastes like…she can’t fool me!

  2. Hi Crispin,
    Good luck with the pill pockets. Personally, I never liked them so my mom wraps pills in something tasty….or else she just goes “open wide” and tosses the pills down my throad. I got lucky and I feel for your gums…7 is a LOT of teeth. Hope you still enjoy your crunchies as much as I do.

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