Recovering from the big Day of Dentistry

Wow…that wasn’t so bad. I got my teeth cleaned but they didn’t have to pull any teeth. No bleeding. No big plls shoved down my throat. And my nice Aunt Sara picked me up at the vet’s office so I didn’t have to deal with grouchy cab drivers. And my mom, in a rare moment of sensitivity, realized I couldn’t make it to the bus stop and back in my woozy condition.

My mom put me up on my cushion on the couch. The vet said, “She probably won’t be hungry.” Who’s kidding who? I never turn down a treat. You never know when the next one will come. But my mom gave me a light dinner, just to be sure. Oh well…there’s a lot to sleep off today.

“You are so lucky you have a family that sends you to the vet for dental work,” my mom said. Sometimes lucky has to be appreciated in the abstract.

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