A Dog’s View of the Michael Vick Animal Rescue Campaign

My mom read me this story about Michael Vick, the football player who went to prison for torturing and killing dogs.

An animal rescue group had planned to put up posters protesting Michael Vick’s presence back on the field. But then they had a better idea: donate 3 bags of dog food to a shelter every time Vick gets tackled.

Wow..every so often humans get it right. Michael Vick will always be associated with his anti-dog actions and yet dozens of homeless dogs will benefit from the donation.

We dogs are not big on revenge, although my mom tells me Garth Stein’s Book, The Art of Racing In The Rain, does have a particularly steamy example. We are, however, big on dog food, although I am currently skipping breakfast because my mom figured out I snuck off the bed and polished off the cat food last night. Can I help it if I look smug when she finds me on the floor, instead of my usual spot on her bed?

:”Keep this up, Gracie and you’ll be sleeping in your crate,” she says.

Go ahead mom. I love my crate, especially when I get a yummy kong toy with peanut butter. Maybe Michael Vick can donate a million of so to dog treats? That’s as worthy a cause as you’ll find anywhere.

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