Good grief: a fountain for cats

My mom noticed that our chubby housemate, Ophelia, likes to drink water from cups and glasses.

“She’s just like Tiger, the cat who died just before we adopted her,” my mom says. “I always notice that a new cat seems to channel the cat who left us.”

Really? That’s not typical of my left-brained, logical mom. But Ophelia really does have peculiar drinking habits. Her last blood test showed no signs of any disease, so it’s purely behavioral, as my mom would say. Ornery, I’d add.

“Why don’t you get her a fountain?” the vet suggested. “Cats love running water.”

Alas, this suggestion came as my mom was putting away her credit card following Ophelia’s dental work.

“Maybe I could buy Ophelia a mansion,” the mom suggested. “Or a trip around the world.”

I like the last idea, especially if we get to stay home.

But then yesterday we were in Mud Bay Pet store, just 2 blocks away. We’re farther from a grocery store since we moved, but we are closer to the important things, like the dog park and this wonderful pet store. We had to buy cat food since we ran out between deliveries. Frankly, I’d just tell the cats to skip eating for a few days, but the mom wouldn’t go along with it. Apparently Ophelia could get sick again if she misses a meal. Let’s not go there.

As we were leaving, my mom noticed a water fountain designed for cats. It was $65 before taxes.

“Good grief,” she said. “Who’d buy this?”

The sales clerk explained that cats drink more water from these fountains. They stay healthy. And we could buy a smaller model for jsut $50.

“Let’s think about that one,” the mom said. “I’m still recovering from Ophelia’s dental bill.”

Good thinking, Mom. As we all know, Tiger lived to be twenty without benefit of a fountain. And I still have to ride the bus naked because the vet said a winter coat is not essential to my welfare and well-being.

But cats are made to be spoiled, my mom says wistfully.

And I’d look awfully cute in a dog-size winter coat, I silently remind her. City dogs get spoiled too.

One thought on “Good grief: a fountain for cats”

  1. Our cat Jolene drinks out of cups but also enjoys knocking them over for no reason as well. If you leave an unattended glass of water anywhere, even if hidden in the closet, (although whey you’d want to do that is beyond me, but what do I know…I’m a Pug and a bowl on the floor is fine with me.), she will knock it over. She preys around the house at night looking for cups to knock over. Mom left a bunch around that were empty to see if she would knock those over. She didn’t. They have to have liquid in them. Maybe we should introduce her to Ophelia!

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