Does this dog need a muzzle?

Oh no. I’m finally busted.

The truth is, I am a nibbler and a grazer. As we walk along the street, I constantly look for food. We’re making some progress, my mom says. But every time I’m let loose for a good sniff, she worries that I’ve found a chicken bone (or worse).

Then there’s the dog park. I eat things that I am not allowed to mention in this blog. Things that, my mom says, are totally not in keeping with my royal image.

“Utterly gross,” the mom says.

“Delicious,” I say.

And once I start to eat, i won’t let go. Even if they yell, squirt or chase. I chew as I run.

After my last bout with tummy troubles, my wonderful Aunt Sara said, “How about getting Gracie a muzzle? A basket muzzle so she can drink and bark but not eat?”

My mom asked our vet. “Great idea!” our vet said.

I’m not thrilled.

“You won’t get sick as often,” my mom said. “You won’t have to skip meals and eat bland food for days on end.”

Hmm, We’ll have to see about that. The mom found a pet store that stocks muzzles. It’s about 20 minutes away and she hates to go anywhere so I may have a reprieve.

What are other dogs doing about this problem?

One thought on “Does this dog need a muzzle?”

  1. Jasper, the dog that has eaten silica gel and ground glass, does not have this particular prediliction, so I’m not sure how valid my opinion is. I wonder if Gracie survived some period in her life where she had to eat what she could find? A muzzle sounds like the answer, but one of my German Shepards that bit a neighbor lady (in his defense, she moved and squawked exactly like a chicken) laid down and refused to move when I put a muzzle on him. Do you think a haltie would work instead of a muzzle?

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