Finally caught up on our sleep…

“Moving is exhausting,” the mom said. But finally last night we all got caught up on our sleep. My mom inherited a big new queen-size bed from the people who used to live here. It’s SO comfortable and there’s lots of room for everyone. Of course I take up most of the space. Ophelia takes up a lot of room too but my mom Cathy said, “No more snide remarks about Ophelia’s weight The poor thing just had dental surgery.”

That was a week ago. Mom. Ophelia’s eating everything in sight and then some.

My mom also made a startling discovery when she unpacked her clothes. “So many dress suits! I used to wear suits all the time. Might as well give them away, especially since I can’t wear shoes except running shoes and Birkenstocks.”

Then she counted up her t-shirts. We’ve said this before. If whoever dies with the most t-shirts wins, my mom is the Grand Champion. She put some in the box for Goodwill. I’m nudging her to add a few more.

But I’m not exactly home free. We counted up my bandannas. “Maybe you can share with some other dogs?” the mom said.

Fine with me. I don’t wear a coat in winter. I ride the bus naked – just the required collar and tags. Nobody notices.

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