Finally…there’s a condo in our future

After wrestling with our first mortgage company, the mom finally iistened to our stellar real estate agent, Sarah Odegaard. Her paperwork landed on the desk of Jeff Bell at Cobalt Mortgage. That was just two weeks ago, to the day.

Today, the mom shoved me into my crate right after we went to the vet for more pills for me. “I’m off to sign the loan papers, Gracie,” she said, clicking the door into place. “You just had a pain pill and you’ll be so sleepy you won’t notice I’m gone.”

True. That nice Dr. Clare gave me some powerful stuff that knocks me out.

My mom came back humming a funny little tune. She showed me a big stack of papers she had signed. She took off to go see a movie to celebrate. “Who can concentrate on work?” she asked me.

She’s asking the wrong person…er, dog. Work is not a word I use often. I’m definitely feeling better, though. And I need to get on my paws fast so I can supervise this move. Mom was on the phone with her friend Pam Ellis, who will be choosing colors for her living room. But so far I have heard no discussion of where my crate will be.

“Probably the bedroom,” my mom said. “Right next to my bed.”

We have to check this out. Don’t I get to approve the decorating scheme as it applies to dogs?

2 thoughts on “Finally…there’s a condo in our future”

  1. Thanks – closing in Seattle is a non-event. You just sign papers and the escrow company records the deed. We’re in!

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