Dog tired …

Yesterday I went to the Dog Lounge while Mom worked out at the gym. Summer was so happy to see me! She went back to the pen area and we played…and played.

When Mom came to pick me up, Summer said, “So soon? Does she have to go now?”

“Summer,” said Mom, “I will leave Gracie to you in my will.”

I like that idea, although Mom’s not ready to croak yet.

That night I was totally wiped. Thursday my Uncle Bob filled in for Aunt Sara. He believes in long runs in the park. Then Sunday…so I curled up in a tight ball and fell asleep on my Mom’s bed.

Mom woke up and noticed I hadn’t moved. She reached over to pat me. “Hmm… Gracie, you feel cold. Are you still alive?”

I didn’t budge. Here’s an opportunity to shake up my mom. She’ll get all worried. She’ll be so relieved to realize I’m alive, she’ll grab a handful of treats for me. Yum. I can just taste that peanut butter.

Alas, Mom has become tough.

“Gracie, I can’t do anything tonight. Hope you’re around tomorrow morning.”

Then she went back to sleep and I did too. Sure enough, this morning I bounced off the bed, all ready to begin our morning walk and eat my breakfast. Then it was time for another nap. Another busy day in the life of a CUPPIE.

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