Cat seeks refuge from housemates

See this terrific piece of feline furniture? My mom grabbed it when someone was moving out and left it behind. opheliahiding She washed the cushions in our washing machine (thank goodness – who needs fleas?).

Creampuff likes to sit on the top. But our newest housemate, Ophelia, has claimed the lower opening for her very own. She spends hours there, watching the rest of us.

“Better than under the bed,” my mom says. “And better than the laundry room, too.”

You have to look closely but do you see that black and white blur? Yes…that’s Ophelia, fully recovered from liver disease and her traumatic time in the Animal Shelter.

And (in my opinion) winner of the Most Useless Household Animal award.

2 thoughts on “Cat seeks refuge from housemates”

  1. What a cool cat hideout thingie (not sure what you call it). My cat used to hide in the laundy basket underneath the clothes, which was fine until one of the dogs would jump on top of it. They like to sleep in laundry baskets.
    Glad Ophelia is feeling better!

  2. My mom didn’t buy it so she doesn’t know what it’s called. Our other housemate, Creampuff, likes to sleep under a basket of clothes. I like the idea of jumping on cats. They need a dose of shock therapy.

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