Dewey The Library Cat: Good idea

My mom just read me parts of this book, Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Changed the World.

book about dewey the library cat

It’s a pretty good book. Dewey was tossed into the book return chute one cold snowy evening. The library staff adopted him, with permission of the Board. He became a star attraction of the library and the town. Library attendance rose dramatically and people all over the world learned more than they ever wanted about Spencer, Iowa.

Of course the Board got nasty as Dewey got older. At once point they considered appointing a committee to oversee Dewey’s last days. The current Board won’t let the library adopt a cat, although several candidates have come forward.

What’s wrong with people? Can’t they see how much a cat or dog can add to their lives?

When Cathy first adopted me, she could bring me to the Uptown Espresso coffee shop in Belltown. I would snooze by her side as she drank coffee, ate something that was tasty (but not good for her), and worked. Then the Seattle Health Department decided dogs were hazards. We were all banished. Cathy doesn’t go there anymore unless she’s meeting somebody for coffee, usually on a Friday while I’m out with my Aunt Sara.

People loved me in the coffee shop. One man in a wheelchair used to look for me. One woman brought me a muffin. Cathy wouldn’t let me eat it. Apart from my delicate digestive system, she said she deserved the muffin more than I did. “I’m responsible for having such a great dog,” she told me as we walked home.

Life goes on. My mom says a movie about Dewey will appear sometime, with rumors of Meryl Streep playing the librarian.

What if they made a movie about me? My mom’s favorite actresses are all British: Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Angela Lansbury and Helen Mirren. She likes actresses who look like they’ve experienced life.

Okay, I bet we won’t be in a movie in this lifetime. Anyway, if we were, our newest housemate Ophelia would steal all the good scenes.

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