Canine Personality Tests? Gimme a Break

My mom just read me an article in the Wall Street Journal – a newspaper filled with articles about business and finance. Nothing to do with me.

“Retail stores are screening new hires with personality tests,” she said. “Hoghwash!”

I agree. Suppose I had to answer those question before getting adopted.

“You would like a job that is quiet and predictable.”

Yes! I love my routine. Every morning Cathy takes me for a walk as soon as we wake up. Then I snooze till noon. We have another walk. In the afternoon we go for a longer walk. And just before bed we walk again.

Twice a week I go to the park with my Aunt Sara – yaay! And Sundays I usually go to the Dog Lounge while mom works out.

Who would want more excitement? Not me, for sure.

“Other people’s feelings are their own business.”

No way! When my mom is tired or feeling under the weather, I snuggle up next to her and look adorable. I stop chewing socks for at least ten minutes.

When we meet strangers who need a dog fix, I’m right there.

You didn’t ask me about the cats’ feelings. Sorry, not my job.

“You feel nervous when there are demands you can’t meet.”

Hah. So I can’t do a perfect “down.” Or I can’t take my mom to see the fireworks. Big deal.

True, my mom said, “Gracie, if you chew my new wool winter hat, I will send you right back to the pound.” No way. I’m here forever.

“In school you were one of the best students.”

Yeah, right. Two trainers told my mom, “Gracie will always keep testing you. You’ll have to keep working with her.”

So I was a “C” student in obedience school. A lot of presidents were C students. So were some Kings of England. For a CUPPIE – a Canine Urban Princess – I’m perfectly educated.

“In your free time, you go out more than stay home.”

In my free time, I sleep.

Enough questions. Speaking of free time, mom, we need to go for our noon walk.

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