Finally…dog gets new blog!

My mom finally got me a blog makeover. Thank goodness! People were complaining they couldn’t read about my posts or see my photos.

We’re not too sure about this theme (my mom thought it looked good but she didn’t look too closely) so tell us what you think!

Click on the “Comments” below and tell us.

6 thoughts on “Finally…dog gets new blog!”

  1. Gracie, I love the new look. Much easier to read and fun to look at. You know how us owners are, we get something in our head and it takes our four legged companions to set us straight.

    Gracie, do you think you will have guest canine interviews at any point. I know my Boxer and my Terrier mix would love to share their thoughts.


  2. Dear Gracie, I love your new blog design. It’s easy to read and the
    color pallet accentuates your lovely brown eyes.

  3. See – I told my mom we were overdue for a change.

    Kathleen’s got a great idea. I can’t wait to have guests on my blog. I’ll keep nudging my mom till she says yes. I usually get my own way so any day now…

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