They’re ganging up on me…

Even my wonderful Aunt Sara has taken up the cause. When she came to take me for my walk today, she said, “You know, Cathy, I’ve been noticing something with Gracie…”

My beautiful coat? My shiny eyes? Impeccable manners?

“Gracie,” continued Aunt Sara, “is getting a little chunky around the middle.”

“Yeah,” my mom said ruefully. “The vet said the same thing.”

“All those treats!” Aunt Sara sad.

“Hmm…I bet the Downtown Dog Lounge gives you lots of treats,” my mom said, giving me The Look.

I’m not saying a word.

“Maybe Gracie’s getting older,” my mom said. “She’ll be seven soon.”

True. I am a midlife, mid-career dog.

And I want to enjoy my life and my treats in peace. Just because my mom doesn’t eat ice cream anymore (her fave was Haaen-Dasz jamocha almond fudge), why should I watch my diet?

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