Forget the Seattle skyline! I need my water.

There’s a city pocket park with amazing view of the city skyline and the water. My mom loves to look out and take pictures. In summer we see busloads of tourists spilling out, eager to take pictures of the skyline.

Once a tour guide pointed to the bowl of water beneath the water fountain. “People in Seattle leave water dishes for dogs,” he told the crowd.

While my mom admires the view, I get to concentrate on what’s really important. Drinkng water or sniffing grass. In my opinion, the best view is an old chicken bone someone dropped in the grass. In my mom’s opinion, that same chicken bone is a potential threat to my health and a humongous vet bill.

When it comes to views, we don’t have the same (pardon the expression) view. That’s because I’m built low to the ground and have a much firmer grasp on priorities.

One thought on “Forget the Seattle skyline! I need my water.”

  1. Hi Gracie! You are lucky to live in a city where they leave water bowls that are easily accessible to you. You should come to New York and let the humans here know about that – it’s a great idea and, as you know, sometimes humans don’t have much common sense.

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