Cat has an eye on the dog’s food

Where does my mom find these cats? First Ophelia liked to drink out of MY water dish on my crate. Now Pumpkin wants to eat my food right out of my dish!

My mom tried to persuade Pumpkin to leave me alone. She picked up Pumpkin, who hates being held, and set her down on the counter, near her own food dish.

Next thing my mom heard was a hiss and a bark. She came running over. I won that round.

Pumpkin won’t give up. She’s hoping I’ll share.

My mom went racing for her camera. So now I have flash bulbs going off and a cat staring intently at my food dish.

Who cares? We went on a long walk today and I’m hungry. I’m finally finished with my upset tummy and hope I won’t see a grain of rice for a long, long time.

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