Happy mom but nothing for the dog

My mom is SO excited today! She’s having trouble focusing on her work, which is not good, because she needs to earn more money to buy treats for ME. (Not that we’re broke, but when she earns money she spends more on her furry family. Especially me.)

She got the word from her orthopedic surgeon, who apparently is like my vet only for people. My mom likes Dr. Freiman because she doesn’t mess around. “She’s direct and to to point and she doesn’t try to sell me on more treatment,” my mom says. “I’m a minimalist, for me and for my animals.”

True. I’m not exactly stocking up on pills.

So she’s feeling all happy and excited, which would usually mean extra walks and treats for me. But do I get anything?

“You’re still recovering from your tummy upset,” my mom said. “Keep resting and eating that rice.”

Right. Like I really have a choice.

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