We Visit The Photographer

Arf! Gracie here.

Everybody kept telling my mom, “Get some good photos taken. You don’t look like your pictures.”

Finally, she gave in. She found a photographer on craigslist who seemed good.

We went to his studio. Naturally, we had rain that day so mom looked a little frizzy. I looked fabulous as usual.

The photographer wasn’t sure he wanted me. “Dogs make more work,” he said.

But I am a natural.

When Mom said, “Stand here,” I did. When the photographer said, “Can the dog move a little to the right,” Mom nudged me over.

We all agreed I could be a model.

Mom was not as fortunate. She just got an email from the photographer: “You’re a great client. You’re very brave and you are a good sport.”

She’s terrified of what the photos might look like.

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