Being the #2 Sibling Dog in the Family

My mom left me in the boarding kennel all weekend while she went off to an Internet marketing seminar. Why would anyone want to learn Internet marketing when they could run around and play all day?

Then my mom read me this article from the NY Times: First Siblings have Higher IQs. She pointed out that Keesha, my predecessor in her life, was a smarter dog.


I think the First Dog gets all sorts of attention. By the time I came along, my mom was familiar with dogs. She’s harder to fool. She doesn’t take thousands of photos, measure my food and follow the dog book religiously. She tosses the food in my dish (“that looks right”) and lets me share the couch. When I cross the bridge and meet Keesha, we will have a lot to discuss.

I think my mom got lucky with Keesha. She was clueless about dogs. I would have run rings around her. 😉

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