Ready for a City Dog’s Favorite Activity: A Video

My mom arranged for the best dogwalker in the world to take me out twice a week. We go to a beautiful park with a lake. I go running and wading.

Sara, my dogwalker, is a lot more reasonable and sensible than my mom. She doesn’t worry that I’ll swallow something and choke or get sick or…well, leave it to my mom’s imagination.

My mom is currently on a video binge. Watch out, world! Here she made a video of me going out with Sara. Our hallway is actually pretty bright but it comes out looking dark. My mom was providing a voiceover which was probably driving Sara crazy. Then there’s my mom’s lack of mechanical skill, which extends to cameras…we won’t go there.

My mom is VERY generous when it comes to dog walks. Let’s keep it that way.

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