It’s a tough life, but…

dog sleepingBeing a dog in the Goodwin household can be tough. I have many responsibilities. It’s my job to keep the cats in line. When they focus on me, they don’t fight with each other. And I have to guard my mom while she’s sleeping. That means I have to lie on the end of her bed and can’t sneak off to steal the cat food.

Then it’s up to me to make sure my mom gets exercise. I keep her company on her walks. And twice a week I go off with my wonderful dog walker, Sara. That’s work too. I have to make sure my mom feels guilty about leaving me in my crate while she goes off to live her own life, so she’ll keep sending me out on dog walks with Sara.

I also have to keep my mom calm when she gets riled up about something she reads in the newspaper. I encourage her to keep working because she needs to make sure I get vet care and crunchies.

No wonder I’m tired. Here I’m sleeping off a tough day of dog-walking with my Aunt Sara. We went to the dog park on the lake. I had to run around and be sociable with all the other dogs. That’s what my mom expects me to do in a dog park.

And at the end of the day, I get to relax on my mom’s sofa, all curled up like a cat. My mom thinks I’m dreaming about my beautiful day on the lake. I’m not telling.

2 thoughts on “It’s a tough life, but…”

  1. This story is so true. Dogs really need to have a job, even if we don’t always recognize what they are doing is work. Nice story and a great way to show a loving dog-human relationship.

  2. Thanks, Jeff! My mom Cathy thinks everyone should have a job. She refuses to retire herself, so you can bet I won’t get too either. My life definitely as a purpos and I am never bored!

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