Dog gets educated

I’m going to be the smartest, most educated dog in Philadelphia at the rate I’m going.

My mom is giving a historical tour on Saturday. She’s freaking out because she has to learn all the stops. “It’s like studying for an exam,” she says.

So every morning we walk the route. She stops and looks at the buildings and thinks about what she will say.

I tag along. Frankly, I don’t care about the buildings. I am looking for historical evidence of food.

The walk takes forever: we’re gone over an hour. I am exhausted and so is the mom. It’s in a good cause, though, and it takes her mind off her injured arm.

One thought on “Dog gets educated”

  1. Gracie, you’ve been through it so often with your mom, you can lead her through it…she’ll then remember what to say!
    Go Gracie! Just keep pointing our nose toward the smell of food.

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