Mom fighting the medical profession

My mom hurt her arm exactly 7 weeks ago (she reminded me today). She is doing well, although she hates the medical profession.

“They’ll happily spend tons of money on useless screening,” she says. “They’ll pay me to talk to a primary care physician about tests. But when I REALLY need help, what do they do? Pass the buck and deny me services.”

My mom says this is one time she misses Seattle. She loved the health care system. She’s going nuts trying to deal with the paperwork and the physical therapy people.

“What’s saving me,” she says, “is I’ve lucked into a great orthopedic surgeon AND an awesome trainer at my gym. By coincidence, they know each other. The rest – the receptionists, forms, assistants – are driving me nuts.”

I can tell. She’s swearing a lot.

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