Dogs don’t get pottery: The cylinder quest continues

My mom continues her quest to learn to make cylinders. Today we went to the Community Center where Mom made 2 more cylinders…She’s up to 10 and says she’ll try to do two more. Luckily she didn’t bring her camera. You can have only so many photos of cylinders in the making before you start to wonder what’s going on.

Today we met a new pottery student, Candace. Candace has been studying for ten years and she’s accomplished. She really encouraged my mom: “Just keep doing it. It’s all about practice.”

Candace was really nice to me, too. She said it’s not surprising I like to be inside. “Gracie is a girlie-girl dog,” she said.

“Girly.” I like that. It’s true: I love wearing my bandannas and getting my nails done. I’m not too keen on costumes but I do like the way my fur shines up after a bath. And I’m not crazy about getting wet. When we walk home, I hop onto a ledge out of the rain.

“Girly.” I like it.

Hopefully my mom will make her twelve cylinders and move on to something else. She says she wants to make a pitcher next. I’d suggest a new dog dish, but I don’t think I want to eat out of a crooked bowl. The cats eat off paper plates How about a cat food dish, Mom? Nice project for next term.

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