Need a new city dog? Think “foster home”

I don’t claim to be an expert on dog behavior. My mom isn’t either. Otherwise I wouldn’t chew so much.

But as a city dog, I believe mom did the right thing. She found me in a rescue group that keeps dogs in foster homes. My foster mom loved me (who wouldn’t?). She wanted to keep me but her husband said they had too many dogs already.

My mom was very worried about adopting a new dog. After all, she had just lost the first canine love of her life, the sainted Keesha. “Will Gracie eat cats?” she asked. “Will she bark?”

Of course my name wasn’t Gracie then. But my foster mom knew a lot about me. She knew I would be fine with cats because she had cats in the foster home. She knew I wouldn’t have a barking problem. And she knew I liked to chew on my chew toys. (Of course, she didn’t realize that when I came to Cathy’s house, everything would be a chew toy.)

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My mom is testing a new website. She’s determined to make money from me. “Your namesake, Amazing Gracie, helped found Three Dog Bakery,” she reminds me, almost daily. “So far you’re just running up bills for vet care and pet sitting.”

I’m not worried. If Mom didn’t send back our high-maintenance housemate Oophelia, I’m not going anywhere.

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