Uh oh…there may be a moving van in our future.

The mom has ruled. The condo looks beautiful. The price is excellent. Interest rates are still good. She’s been dreaming about the neighborhood ever since I’ve known her. So I may be getting a new identity as an official Belltown Dog.

Mom is already starting to worry about finding a moving company. She wants to get rid of a lot of our stuff. “I’m tired of living with clutter,” she says. However, she assures me, we will definitely take my crate and all the dog beds.

I heard her on the phone, saying, “It’s like being dealt a hand of aces. Great condo the owners have priced for a quick sale. Great interest rates. I’m eligible for a tax credit because we delayed buying a home all this time. The loan has been verbally approved.”

Personally, I plan to nap through the move. My mom says she will either put me in day care or hire someone to take care of me so I’ll be out of the way.

Great concept, although I’d like to stick around and supervise. Did we tell you I am a herding dog? I’d love to prod the moving people to move a little faster and go easy on the crate.

2 thoughts on “Uh oh…there may be a moving van in our future.”

  1. Good luck with the move – sounds like a great opportunity. We are thinking of moving too but bought our house at the height of the market and have some sprucing up to do first. I need more quiet – living near everything is nice but it’s never ever quiet.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Lisa. I will pass them along to my mom. We are living on a floor with at least 6 other dogs. Is this a dog-friendly building or what? When we walk by, we get a series of “woofs.” Music to my ears.

    My mom doesn’t mind street noise. She’s from New York originally and sirens make her feel at home.

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