Dogs don’t do real estate,,,

Thank goodness! I have a small castle known as The Crate. I have a few vacation homes, otherwise known as dog beds. I also take over the cat bed since Ophelia has usurped my spot on the couch. That’s as far as we go.

My mom, on the other hand, seems determined to get herself into a condo. I had to listen to her swearing over the paperwork (which wasn’t too bad, thanks to her awesome dog-loving real esetate agent Sarah Odegaard). And I had to go along for the inspection. The inspectors immediately recognized my role.

“She gets to decide where you live,” they said seriously.

My mom went out for coffee with Sarah while they gave the place the once-over. It was a nice day, although a little warm. They had to sit outside because coffee shops don’t take dogs anymore. All this fresh air was too much. We were exhausted the next day.

My mom has started thinking about hiring a mover. “We’re very close,” she told me. “She muttered something about title and negotiating on items to be fixed. Fixed? You lost me there, mom.

We’re getting rid of a lot of stuff so the movers wll have a lighter load. I’m nominating a new home for our housemate, Ophelia. Mom put her on a diet but it’s not working. At this rate we will need to rent a whole truck just for her.

Do we need a separate truck to move this cat?
Do we need a separate truck to move this cat?

2 thoughts on “Dogs don’t do real estate,,,”

  1. As a food lover myself, I have to say your comment about Ophelia is a low blow. We kitties like our sustenance. And as rightful Kings of the Jungle, we felines are deserving of a whole lot more respect than you are showing.

    I devoured mine even though my staff purrson, Ellen, went through one of her periodic bouts of insanity where she bundles me into a carrier and takes me to this vet-person.

    I hope that Cathy doesn’t do that to you. If she ever tries to take you to a vet-person, fight it tooth and nail because nothing good can come out of it.

    Trust me. These vet-people can’t be trusted. OK, so one tooth was starting to bother me and my gums are bad, but when I woke up NINE were gone.

    Thieves, I tell you. You can’t trust them!

    But that didn’t stop me from enjoying my feast last night.

  2. Hi Champagne! As a dog I LOVE my vet. I don’t get bundled into a carrier. I walk in proudly on all 4 paws. However, I’m not crazy about all the poking and prodding, especially since Cathy usually hauls me in for some delicate digestive problem.

    I can’t count teeth but as far as I know, mine are still there. I don’t think a few missing teeth would stop Ophelia, either. Sounds like you recovered well. I’d say more but it’s time for my nap.

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