How I Got My Name

When Cathy saw me on the Petfinder website, my name was Sarah. She has a human friend in Tucson named Sarah. And frankly, I don’t look like a Sarah. So she immediately named me Gracie.

I am named after Amazing Gracie, a book by Dan Dye, the founder of Three Dog Bakery. When their dog refused to eat commercial food, Dan Dye and his friends learned to cook a new kind of dog biscuit — and created an empire. Cathy loved the book — a warmly satisfying saga of dogs, serendipity and life success. And she loves the stores.

“Gracie,” she tells me, “you are named after a dog who made her owner a millionaire. And I expect you to live up to your name.”

That’s a lot of pressure to put on a dog. Here’s a photo of me, obviously stressed out by all that pressure.gracie the dog asleep

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