Welcome to My Cousin Sophie

This is Sophie. She belongs to my Uncle Lance in Seattle so my mom says she’s my cousin.

I am madly jealous. Sophie looks totally spoiled. Did you see those toys? That pink bed and blue drinking bowl? I can’t even have a bed in my crate because I’d chew it up into tiny pieces. I inherited a silver dog dish from my mom’s first dog. You can bet I won’t be getting a blue one any time soon.

Sophie’s also training to be a service dog so she gets to go EVERYwhere. My mom says I’m way too stubborn to be a service dog and anyway I get tired now after a 45-minute walk. She wants Sophie to come visit Philadelphia so we can play together. I could teach Sophie a thing or two about being an urban dog and Sophie could (my mom says) teach me some manners.

One thought on “Welcome to My Cousin Sophie”

  1. There was a dog living next door who was in training to be a service dog.
    Couldn’t play with other dogs, had to never potty on the street or sidewalk when being walked, and lots of other no no’s. Finally she didn’t pass her test and now is free from that. I don’t think you’d enjoy that life, Grace, even with a blue bowl to drink from. Count yourself fortunate to have all this freedom.

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