Keeping the mom on her diet

Since we moved to Belltown, we live near lots of good restaurants. My mom complains, “Every time I go out, I have to walk past one of the best bakeries in Seattle.” Today she bought a loaf of good healthy vegan bread and proceeded to make some toast.

“Soup and toast for lunch,” she said.

Being a dog, i don’t do lunch. I’m lucky to get breakfast and dinner. The sainted Keesha, my mom’s first dog, just got dinner, once a day. Period. And she slept on the floor, too.

So when Aunt Sara came to take me for my walk, I dashed back and grabbed a piece of my mom’s toast for me. Mmm…. delicious!

I got about two bites before my mom realized what I was doing. I didn’t even get to finish. Is that fair?

“Gracie is a high maintenance dog,” my mom sighed, as Aunt Sara finally got me leashed up and ready to go.

Well, as a royal canine princess I deserve some extra maintenance. Besides, my mom needs to stay on her diet. It’s my job to help. I know, it’s a tough sacrifice, but someone’s got to do it.

2 thoughts on “Keeping the mom on her diet”

  1. Aww, Gracie, run away with me. I will give you treats without making you sit, and we will swear and get tattoos.

    Your bad Auntie Lindsay

  2. My mom laughed aloud when she read this. She needs to loosen up! She won’t get a tattoo because she’s terrified of needles. However, I assure you she DOES swear. As soon as I nibble on some delicious phone cord, her words turn blue.

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