A royal workout at the dog park

Saturday (yesterday) was supposed to be a one-day heat wave. So my mom got up at the crack of dawn (ouch) and we ambled off to the dog park. I made some new friends and played for almost 40 minutes.

My mom was enjoying herself, talking to a whole new crowd. She tells everyone she used to be shy. Hah.

My tongue was hanging out and I couldn’t wait to get home to my castle. From the outside my castle looks like an ordinary large-size dog crate, but it’s my inner sanctum and private retreat. I love it…especially my kong toy, which smells like peanut butter and gives me hours of blissful chewing.

4 thoughts on “A royal workout at the dog park”

  1. Gracie, it was nice meeting you and your mom at the dog park! Big Boy (the tan pomeranian) says “Hi!”

  2. Hi Gracie, sounds like you a great day. Myself, being a cat, I was pretty content staying in a cool house, periodically taking naps, and waiting for my treat of smoked ham. I can really relate to you wanting to get back to you castle. I make it easy on myself and pretty stay in my castle.

    Had to come and say hi since my owners, Judy and Bob Dunn are fellow Biznikers with Cathy. Maybe you and I should get together, not!

    Enjoy your summer,

  3. Of course I remember Big Boy. He was so shy…but he’s coming along. Maybe next time he’ll play with me.

    Nuz, you do not have owners. Nobody owns a cat. You have personal slaves.

  4. Yeah, sometimes I let that slip out. It makes my “slaves” happier and they tend to give me more goodies. In fact my owners have a sign in their office that says, “Dogs have masters, cats have staff.” So I think they get it!

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