“When herding sheep, keep your cool.”

Here I’m striding across the field, getting ready to do some serious sheep herding. It’s a rare picture of me walking. People keep telling my mom, “Gracie looks so much more confident since you adopted her.”

True. I am feeling more and more at home as I assume my rightful role as a Canine Urban Princess. If you look carefully, you’ll see that I’m not crazy about getting my paws deep in the Big Muddy Area of the sheep herding ring. My mom and I both think the Magnuson Dog Park is about as wild as we want to get. I’m thinking of my cozy couch and the treats waiting for me when I get to come in out of the cold.

But when you herd sheep, you have to show them who’s in charge. And when you see me coming, you’ll recognize my regal bearing. The sheep will be so stunned they’ll obey me unquestioningly..

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