Keeping the mom puzzled

As the resident dog, one of my official roles is driving my owner nuts. I excel in this area.

Since we moved I have demonstrated a new skill that dogs are not supposed to have. When we go for walks, I sometimes stop on the way back. I refuse to budge.

Peo0ple laugh at my mom. “Dog doesn’t want to move,” they say.

My mom gets so embarrassed. “Keesha never did this,” she sighs.Never mind that Keesha was 10 pounds heavier, three times as fuzzy and a different breed altogether.

My mom noticed that I tend to do this when we’re coming back after a walk just before she goes out. I am destined for some serious crate time and there’s no reason to rush back.

“How do you know?” my mom asks. “Maybe I change my clothes just before we walk. Or I fill your water dish.” So she doesn’t change her clothes or fill my water dish till we return. No dice. I still know.

My mom’s pretty smart about most things. She keeps trying to figure out how I know what’s happening.

I am not going to tell. A lady needs to keep her secrets.

2 thoughts on “Keeping the mom puzzled”

  1. Jasper balks in front of Dan’s store at least twice a day, because they give out dog biscuits. People laugh at me as I drag his 100 lb carcass past the doorway. Once I said “Fine, don’t come” and I dropped his leash and smugly walked off, knowing that he is afraid of everything on the street. When I didn’t hear him come running, I turned around and he was gone. Someone had opened the door for him and he was inside the store.

  2. If my mom dropped my leash would be halfway to Tacoma by the time she turned around. I’d better have a word with Jasper.

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