Dog Tired but SO Comfortable

dog tiredMy mom wants me to get LOTS of exercise. What’s a dog to do? I’m exhausted. And it’s pouring rain. So I’m on my mom’s bed, totally sprawled out. I’m supposed to be curled up on my dog cushion but who’s counting?

This is what being a princess is all about. Lying on a soft comforter, relaxed and asleep. My mom says she’s like to curl up next to me but she has to work so we can pay for these comforters, not to mention the dog walks, food and…time for another nap.

2 thoughts on “Dog Tired but SO Comfortable”

  1. Hi, Gracie:

    Your mum told my Mimsy that I should write and say hi…

    You’re cute… Well, I think you’re cute…I’m not really sure about these things anymore…

    Wanna play? Play? Wait, squirrel!!! Anyway, play now?

    If you ever come to Canada, come play with me.


    Reilly Keep-Reid

  2. Thanks, Reilly! Squirrels are my faves too. My mom hates to travel but if we get to Canada I bet we’d have fun playing together, especially if Canadian dogs are as mellow as Canadian humans. Send your photo and I’ll post it!

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