Dog park mural with my name on it!

Almost done with the new dog park mural.

This wall used to be a handball court. It’s still a dog ball court. Dog owner still throw balls against it and the concrete is a play area for dogs to chase tennis balls.

Just a few years ago, before my mom came to Seattle, this park was notorious for drugs. Apparently nobody would enter the park. People hated to walk past it. The city tried different solutions but nothing worked till they added the dogs. As my mom likes to say, “Nobody’s gonna come in and deal drugs if they have to walk past a couple of big German shepherds.”

To be honest, most of the regulars in the dog park are not crazy about this mural. It’s a little too cutesy for us.But did you notice an important feature: names of the dogs are painted along the sides! We contributed to the mural so our names go up.

My name is just above the orange fencing, which will be long gone by the time you read this. It’s not really sideways. My mom just can’t hold a camera straight.

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