Dog Park: Dogs Have Dog Friends Too

General is a HUGE German shepherd who lives in our neighborhood. We see him walking with his owners. I can always recognize General because each dog has a unique smell and aura. My mom, who goes by looks, sometimes doesn’ t recognize General.

Every so often we see General in the dog park with his co-owners. Mom can’t remember their names but she told them to look me up. She hopes they’ll write a comment with their names (if they want to be known). This is General’s dad. On the right you see General’s mom, who just finished her doctorate in child development psychology. My mom likes to talk about academic research so they chatted away after my mom Cathy snapped this picture.

General’s a nice friendly dog. My mom says, “You could walk around Pioneer Square or cross Kinnear Park at 3 AM and nobody would bother you.”

Come on, Mom. I can be pretty ferocious in my own way.

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