Dog gives new meaning to “under the table”

Hmm…my mom said she’s heard of people getting paid under the table but I’ve set a record for being a dog who’s under the table.

This coffee shop allows dogs. My mom’s visiting with her friend from improv. They’re talking about boring things. They’re not talking about food, treats, toys or dog parks.

Meanwhile I just had a long day with my Aunt Sara. I really hate sleeping on wooden floors. I’m a cushion sort of dog. But hey, there aren’t any pillows around here. We royal folk are flexible. Queen Elizabeth would keep her dignity. My mom says Jackie Kennedy used to sleep on long airplane flghts, right in the cabin. So I’ll be doing the same.

“She’s so good,” everybody says. “So well-behaved.”

My mom just rolls her eyes. She’s given up explaining that I’m actually a high-maintenance spoiled dog. And she knows the truth: no dog is perfect. I come close.

2 thoughts on “Dog gives new meaning to “under the table””

  1. Color coordination is so lovely: your beautiful coat and the wood floor enhances your fur color.

  2. Thanks, Bobbie! We princesses instinctively know how to display our looks to advantage. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog. It’s nice to know someone’s reading about us!

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