Can we trade…

Anyone want a slightly used cat? Make that well-used cat with a lot of issues?

My mom just showed me a gorgeous Himalayan cat on  the Twitter site of @KarenBrunet. Lots of great cats out there. Maybe we can trade Ophelia in and get a cat that’s more productive. Ophelia’s specialty is hiding in her cave and fussing about food. Here she’s hiding in the blankets of our bed.

Nice try, my mom said. She thinks Ophelia is (pardon the expression) the cat’s meow. “What a great cat!” she tells Ophelia every day. “I’m so glad I got to adopt you.”

So maybe I can get a Twitter account and start sharing my views?

No way. My mom is very strict about that.  “You have your blog,” she says. “That’s enough for a dog.”

She’s not in a mood for discussion. “I just met someone who leaves their dog alone for ten hours with just toys,” she said,” giving me The Look. “You’re rarely left alone. I’m here all day. You go out witih your Aunt Sara and your Big Sister Summer. Maybe every few days you’re alone for four or five hours. And you’re usually too tired to notice.”

True. I guess I’m a lucky dog, as they say. Things could be worse. I could be left alone for ten hours..or left alone with Ophelia.

Too horrifying to contemplate. Time for the mid-morning nap.

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