Basketball season is over…bad officiating prevails.

Sadly, not with a bang but a whimper, said my mom. She’s putting away her Seattle Storm t-shirts and her Seattle Storm dorky hat, awaiting the next season.

It seems that the Storm lost its final playoff game yesterday. My mom came home feeling sad. “They deserved to win,” she says. “The refs made some bad calls at the beginning and I think that shook the up.”

I know all about bad calls. It’s when my mom yells, “Gracie, get out of the kitchen!” while I’m sleeping peacefully on her bed. Or she’ll hear a crunching sound and jump up to investigate…only to find Creampuff diving headfirst into a plate of crunchies. For a small cat, Creampuff can be quite enthusiastic about her food.

Not to worry. I am anticipating more crate time this year. Mom signed up for symphony tickets, ballet tickets and a pottery class. She might even catch a play, she said, at the nearby Seattle Rep theatre. Fortunately, when Mom gets busy, she feels guilty about leaving me home. So we get extra trips to the park where I play with the other dogs for awhile. Not as much fun as going to Magnuson with my Aunt Sara, though. Mom says I’m thoroughly spoiled.

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