A beautiful day for a walk (or a nap)

Today the weather was fantastic – especially for Seattle. Sun and perfect blue sky,

Right after her teleseminar, my mom announced, “We are going for a walk!” At first I was thrilled. When Mom holds a teleclass, I have to hang out in my crate. I was ready to move.

But then Mom said, “Let’s walk to the top of Queen Anne Hill! I’ll drop some books off in the library and then we will turn around and come home.”

Oh no.  What’s wrong with a nice bus? These hills are so steep they’ve got stairways.

“We’ll accomplish three things,” my mom said. “I’ll get exercise. You’ll get a walk. And I will drop off some library books in the Queen Anne branch, so I’ll have less to carry later.”

True. I’m not allowed in the Queen Anne library so Mom’s not tempted to check out even more books.

“And the stairs are so good for us! Good for our glutes.”

Earth to mom. Dogs don’t have gluteus maximi. We have legs and … I don’t know. Dogs don’t learn anatomy.

That afternoon I took a nice long nap in the sun. My mom said, “I wish I could join you. I’d love to curl up on the rug, in a patch of sunlight, and just sleep.”

Good thing she didn’t. Somebody has to work around here to keep everybody’s bowl filled with crunchies.

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