Under the Weather

I knew trouble was brewing when my mom, Cathy, picked up the phone to call the vet. I know I should not wake Cathy up in the middle of the night but, hey – what’s a dog to do? My tummy was rumbling. I had to go out. We have a safe neighborhood and anyway, I can protect my mom from the hangers-on at Ozzie’s bar down the street.

“She woke me up four times!” my mom was saying. I beat a strategic retreat to my favorite spot on Cathy’s bed. But I heard Cathy say, “No food today, right? Bland food? Three more days? Dog food for dogs with sensitive tummies? Hmm…that’s an idea.”


I miss my regular crunchies. Being a dog isn’t easy in this household. It’s a good thing my mom doesn’t have human puppies. She’s hopeless when it comes to anything remotely medicinal.