City Dog Makes Friends In The Dog Park: A Video

I was born friendly. When my mom adopted me, she asked the foster mom, “What if Gracie doesn’t like me?” (I think she was having second thoughts about adopting a dog. After all, my photo didn’t do anything for me.)

“Gracie loves everybody!” the foster mom said. Thank goodness! So here I am, proving once again…

2 thoughts on “City Dog Makes Friends In The Dog Park: A Video”

  1. Wow your dogpark is great! So much to pee on – Trees, wall, rocks!! Just fabulous.

    Here in the tropics, it’s too hot. All we get is fleas at the park.

  2. Thanks, Sweetie! We do have a great dog park here. No fleas so far. My mom is more worried about the way I eat whatever’s on the ground.”

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