Adopted cat is taking over nicely

As the adopted dog of the family, I was here first. Does anybody
remember? Creampuff joined Cathy in 2002 in New Mexico and I came in 2006 in Seattle. Creampuff isn’t the type to dominate; she’s much too ditzy. So it’s just me and this new kitty who’s clearly in takeover mode.

There’s nothing ditzy about Pumpkin. She’s not as needy as Ophelia; she’s much more confident. And she’s not the least bit afraid of me either. She’s taken over the sofa. I’m lucky she allows me to share one cushion at the far end.

My mom thinks we look so cute in this photo. Hah. Notice I am covering my eyes, escaping from the fuss over our newest housemate.

“Curled up like a cat,” my mom said, clicking away.

Should I be insulted? Probably. But I’m hoping to use the situation to guilt my mom into more treats.

One thought on “Adopted cat is taking over nicely”

  1. Gracie, I’ve been on a long vacation so I didn’t know of all the changes in your house. I’m hoping that you are now
    fit as a fiddle healthwise, and that you are adjusting to the new cat, even though you are saying Nooooo!

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