Dog Waiting Outside The Library

Sometimes my mom embarrasses me. She can be shameless. Yesterday we went to the Queen Anne Branch of the Seattle Public Library. Mom was on her way to the Queen Anne Community Center so she could throw a couple of pots.

The Queen Anne branch is rather conservative when it comes to admitting dogs. They won’t let me in. Period. One of the library clerks whispered to my mom, “Just say she’s a service dog. We aren’t allowed to ask questions.”

Yeah, mom. That’s a good idea. But my mom is afraid she’ll get caught. So she ties me to the railing, very securely. Today she was hesitant because a man was sitting there with this big poodle. My mom suspected that I would be totally distracted and would manage to escape. Well, I might try. I’m a friendly dog who’s always eager to make new friends, canine and human..

So she asked this nice man if he’d mind holding my leash while she ran inside for a minute. My mom has no problem asking total strangers to hold my leash for a few minutes. She figures everybody will adore me. She’s usually right.

I like this idea much better than just being tied to the post, even for a few minutes. I got to meet this really nice dog, Daisy.

As you can see, Daisy and I hit it offl We were getting along just fine till my mom came out with her trusty camera phone. She took a couple of pictures before we headed off to the pottery room so she could make another boring cylinder.

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