Uh oh…I chewed up my blog posts.

My mom Cathy is not amused. She took a whole bunch of photos on Monday, when we went on our walk to Upper Queen Anne. When she went to upload them to her laptop, one end of the cable was missing. It was frayed as if someone had (pardon the expression) chewed it up.

I am in the dog house. I don’t usually chew cords and cables and I have no idea how this happened. Maybe another dog got in here while no one was looking. Maybe Ophelia got bored. She is  a high maintenance furball.

“I hope you just chewed,” Mom said. “If I get another vet bill, you will be toast.”

Toast? Sounds delicious. I love toast. Okay, no time for jokes.

Mom called the Sony people and they are sending her a new cable by Friday. She told them what happened. They do not have a sense of humor but they do have a cable.  Why would a mom try to embarrass her own dog by sharing this story with total strangers? Good  thing my mom never had human children.

It could be worse. Some dogs would chew the whole camera.  We have to keep things in perspective.

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