Seattle Bookstore Cats Need a Home

My mom gets into these weird fixations. On Friday she walked by a local bookstore, Twice Sold Tales, just down the street. I am never allowed in that bookstore because they have two very large cats. Apparently the owner thinks the cats would be upset if dogs came in. Since they’re cats and not too bright, they’d dash out into the street.

Now the owner is selling off the bookstore. She has two other branches, one on Capitol Hill and one in the University District. Each store has multiple cats. She has no room for the bookstore cats so that means those cats need homes.

My mom has taken up the cause. She posted a note on craigslist, tweeted all over the place and even got her journalist friend Sally Deneen in the act. Read the Craigslist ad here at http;//

“Those cats wouldn’t last long in a shelter cage,” she told a reporter who had been alerted by Sally. “They’re used to people and they get lots of attention.”

Hopefully with all this media hoopla, some loving owner will come forward and rescue them.  Not that I care about cats, but my mom needs a new cause…iike choosing the best possible treats for her poor misunderstood dog.

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