Photo from my sabbatical

My foster dad sent this photo (and some others) to my mom so she’d know I’m okay. He wrote, “Gracie has chosen our new sofa for her throne instead of our beds.” See, he recognize a princess when he sees one.



3 thoughts on “Photo from my sabbatical”

  1. Oh, Gracie! Old Rose is such a wonderful color for showing off your blonde fur. You look like royalty. Princess Gracie! Is that a sock draped casually over your
    wrist. DON’T EAT IT!

  2. Hi Gracie and Cathy!

    My son is looking at a college in Shoreline near Seattle. If he can do well the next few quarters I may fly out there to visit…he loves Seattle, I guess it’s the new mecca of Indie Music and he wants to go into music industry and management with a minor in recording arts. I’ll let you know what transpires. Hope all is well, take care,


  3. That’s not a sock! That’s a piece of rawhide chewy stuff.
    And my mom has moved to Philadelphia, for an indefinite time. Lisa, she’d love to hear how you like Seattle.

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